• Inspection Services
  • On-site observation and documentation for construction
  • Quality control and quality assurance programs
  • Consulting
  • Field Testing
    Observation removal of unstable materials
    Placement of compact fill
    Footing and slab subgrades
    Pavement Coring
    Grout & Mortar
    Nuclear Density Compaction Testing – Asphalt, Soil and Rock
    Asphalt placement quality control
    Concrete Quality Control – Compressive strength, Cylinders, Slump and Air Testing, Flexural Strength Beams
    Structural Steel – Visual, Bolt testing and Weld Inspection
    Sprayed Fire Proofing
    Vapor Emission Testing
  • LAB Testing
    Sieve Analysis
    Asphalt Core Density
    Soil Testing
    Atterberg Limits
    Proctors for Soil and Base Rock
    Aggregate Analysis
    Concrete Compression Testing
  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Evaluations through CMPS affiliates